Holistic Technology Tailored for Mortgage Advisers

Exceed client expectations with Dxtra's automation-driven solutions, offering intuitive customer relationship management, robust application processes, built-in analytics, and stringent compliance standards. Unlock a suite of powerful marketing tools that ensure efficiency, security, and growth.

Stay on top of client relationships

Create comprehensive client profiles in a centralised hub. Employ our AI-powered Dxtra CRM to manage detailed client information, their preferences, client engagement, and financials to provide a more connected service to clients.

Securely access data anytime, anywhere

Always have your client's data at your fingertips. Dxtra mobile empowers you with on-the-go access to all your client data, enabling you to nurture relationships and secure more deals wherever you are.

Efficient automation that saves time

Ensure a faster and smoother experience for both you and your clients. Optimise workflow with automation to streamline the mortgage application, create your own digital journey for your clients, automate verification checks—and more.

Maintain compliance and documentation integrity

Keep track of the necessary documentation and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements 

throughout the mortgage application process.

Unlock potential through effective marketing

Significantly enhance your market presence with targeted marketing campaigns to attract new clients. Automatically follow up on key dates and embrace a well-rounded marketing approach that not only helps draw in prospective clients but also foster lasting relationships.

Smooth onboarding and expert support 

Experience effortless navigation through better automation. Dxtra's user-friendly interface, supported by full onboarding and ongoing assistance from our team of experts, ensures you run your operations without any friction.

Provide unparalleled client satisfaction

Stay up-to-date with upcoming renewals, changes, and reviews with pre-built reporting. Analyse client data and market trends to offer clients the most suitable mortgage products and to refine the broker's business strategies.

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